All the light we cannot see

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The story is about war. It offered a look at war from kids' perspectives, a French girl who was blind since the age of six, and a German boy who had a gift with mechanical things, math, waves, and radios.

From technical point, the story was very well crafted. The chapters were short, effective, and followed two separate lines surrounding the two main characters. It went back and forth in time, not exactly following the chronological order, but the arrangement worked. And after all the extensive buildup and the girl and the boy's paths are finally crossing, I am really worried, even nervous, because I do not know where the story will lead us and how it is going to end. Well, it is an ending with a lot of hearts.

The writing was very skillful and beautiful. I got lost in the passages, when exquisite beauties and wonders in life were presented in a fascinating way, such as sea shells, birds, radio waves, colors in the mind of a blind girl, the streets of Paris, the gems. Theses are in stark contrast with the brutality and ugliness of war. What emerged is an extremely powerful story, a story that is likely going to stay in the minds of readers long after it was read. I have not read a story this good for quite some time, and I am getting Anthony Doerr's other books too.
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