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2014-12-23 看过
     it's a good book.
     i will finish the book tomorrow or today.
     As first i looked the book as much as 10%. but only 5 days later ,i only made little progress about 2% one day。and so on just stop 。
    I still write something that i learned from the book。
    NVC proposes that if people can identify their needs, the needs of others, and the feelings that surround these needs, harmony can be achieved.
   There are 4 steps Observation,Feelings, Needs and request to solve most the commucation in our life.
     1:just observation,not evaluation。When we combine observation with evaluation others are apt to hear criticism and resist what we are saying." Instead, a focus on observations specific to time and context is recommended.
     2:feeling,emtional. everyone has the emtional.
     3:Needs understand human nead.
     4:request request for a specific action, free of demand,and request distinct from demands.
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