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And many disaffected backbenchers had found themselves suddenly supporting the Government when reminded of some earlier indiscretion which had been forgiven by the Party and Whips Office, but never forgotten.

The demands of the accountants for instant financial gratification had required ruthless pruning, and a large number of senior staff had found themselves being 'rationalised' - as the accountants put it - and replaced by less experienced but equally less expensive substitutes.

A newspaper still requires a sharp journalistic nose to reach its circulation target.

He slowly and obediently made his way over to the phone, trying to look modest and matter of fact.

‘Does my Right Honourable Friend not realise that it is he who is missing the point’ he thundered, 'that I would rather live alongside a common British thief than a common Russian soldier, which is precisely the fate this policy is threatening us with?'

So the speculation fed on itself and ran riot.

As they spread chaotically over the rumpled bedclothes, a sheet of paper fluttered from between the pages and fell to the floor.

Her headache began to loosen its grip

heads are going to roll. 有人要滚蛋啦

Those he could not dominate with his wealth or commercial muscle he would trap with his physical strength and sharp tongue.

Preston, his carefully prepared explanation already in tatters, retreated into aggression and pomposity.

to call a hurried conference of all his staff. 紧急召集员工开会

The adrenalin was pouring into her veins, replacing her earlier despondency with electric urges which tingled throughout her body and brain.

He had launched himself and was rushing through the air until he reached that point on the very edge of discovery where he would find what Destiny had decided for him. He gave an inner smile of anticipation, while contriving outwardly to look as shocked as those around him.
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