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  What is love? Love is being there with the one your beloved ones. Love is make up you two's whole love story together. Love is filling in the holes in life with your soul mate and lingering on all these beautiful memories when life becomes tough and harsh.
  How many of us can have the future husband at the age of six? and how many of us can meet our future wife when she is only six? Clare did, because her husband Henry time travelled. During all Clare's life, Henry is always there, from six to eighty two, before they actually met in present and after Henry's death.
  Time travel has its good sides it brings the future right before you even when you are not aware of it. It brings your beloved ones back from death right into your arms. However, it also makes Clare's life an eternal waiting. When Henry is gone, losing in time and place unknown, Clare's been left behind in the present, worrying and wondering where and when he is, searching in her minds for the possibilities of where Henry might be.
  The genetic problem causes time travel also caused miscarriages during Clare's pregnancies. Six miscarriage to have one children. After Clare and Henry met in the presents, they wished they could live a normal life, but it would not stop. It brought them fortune but handicapped their marriage life. One of them lost in time, the other lost in present.
  I finally understand that love is patience. Love is waiting. The best time does not lies in future or past, it is being present and here. Love is bittersweet. It has good times and bad times. When Clare is enjoying the accompany of her future husband at the age of six, she would never imagine that she could not be a normal mother. When she is so sure about the future because of Henry's time traveling, she would never know, Henry would be hurt and killed by it, too.
  So cherish the one you are in love with here and now. Dreams do not count, memories of the twisted past do not count, only now and here counts.
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