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The most vivid description in the book was Clare’s lonely waiting.
She waited her whole life for their next meeting.
Clare was always left alone. She loved Henry more than anything. So I understand how painful it was to recollect every sweet moment and suffer from endless loneliness and expectation.
She never knew the man in front of her this moment would be in what place the next moment.
She never knew what age he would be the next time she met him.
She seldom complained. She just devoted all her love to him and lived in the normal space.
 That year she was six, she met him, he was in his 30s. Her curiosity was replaced by love day by day. And love was accumulating. She could not decide when he would come. The only thing she could do was to record the dates when he came. She never forgot their real first meet in the library. It was their first meet in the normal space-time. It was a beautiful and proper time.
I appreciate Clare’s courage; she decided to spend the rest of her life with a man who cannot be with you when you need him. He sleeps in the bed together with you this night and the next morning when you are awake, he may be gone and perhaps he will be back with injuries. When you are alone in your room and he is back in the past and chased by others.
She is so strong to go through all this.
I really love the cover of the book. A little girl waiting with a pair of shoes and clean clothes. So peaceful and warm.
A beautiful girl waited and expected as time passed. She has regular time, but she only could touch his husband by time. However, time can do nothing to keep her only love.
As for Henry, he also loved Clare more than his life.
He always disappeared without controlling. He could not help it, he couldn’t stop it. He had too much pain in his heart and he always wanted to seek warmth from Clare and she was always there for him.
He was lucky to have this ability, he could see his loved ones even after he died. He could express his love as much times as he wanted.
Having met Clare was his luckiest and most wonderful thing.
Clare was so pure and beautiful, they were meant for each other. Walking in various streets, meeting her was his biggest expectation. Naked and teased by others, her support and understanding was his only hope to carry on.
He was so afraid to lose her. His fear came from his gratitude for his hard-earned love.

He was also unlucky and sometimes it was pretty cruel. He experienced his early life again and again, yet he could do nothing to change it. He could not stopped her mother dying in a car accident, he couldn’t persuaded his ex-girlfriend from committing suicide neither. He was vulnerable to all these tragedies.
His life was made up of independent pieces of memories. Different Henry in different places in different time space. Sometimes they walk alone, sometimes they watched each other. The Henry from future was confused, even envious when watching the Henry from a young time space.
Every time he left, some clothes were left there. People pass-by would know these clothes had warm someone. 

The ending of the story is very artful.32 year’s Henry meets Clare who is very old with graying at the temples. Love between them is really touching. There is nothing love can not defeat, even time. Love can last long and there’s always someone there for you.
Here’s a letter written by Henry, I’d like to read part of the letter to you.
I was considering if I had a chance to go back to my old life or go forward to the future, what I would like to see.
Probably I would like too see my parents in their school days. To check if they really fall in love ,as they told me;after graduation, or as my grandma has told me. I also want to re-experience days with my grandma. As for now, maybe I will go and see what my future life will be like.
What would you do if you can travel through different times? To stop a car accident or to win a lottery? To be as crazy as you wish to be? To discover the secrets of the past and future? Perhaps, only after you own real superpower, will you know .it’s just a little trick played by God. It’s not fun at all. Meeting your daughter from 10 years later maybe wonderful, attending your own wedding years ago maybe joyous. But what will you feel when watching yourself dying? Life is just like hunting, it can be funny but it also can be bloody.
We all know we can’t re-experience. We just have one life and there’s no returning-ticket. But we can choose what to remember. Do you remember your last smile? The boy apologized to you sincerely? Do you remember the novel makes you cry more than once? Do you remember the person who bent over to tie your shoelace on that cold morning? Do you still remember the cards received and collected in your drawer?
So why not slow down your pace. Choose the clothes you like unhurriedly. Listen to every piece of music you love leisurely. Walk by every station steadily and to feel them.
Feel every drop of your coffee or Glance over the old photos,
We all have imperfect life, but we all have to love it. We are to treasure every piece of sweet memory and be proud of the star and leaves that shines and exists only for us. We are to express our love instead of regret only to our beloved ones.
We don’t have much time for waiting and hesitating, we must treasure every moment we have to love and to experience.
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