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 The end of this story, Jonas face to a serious question, he has to make a choice,
‘Lie or die.’
 Keep living in that stable community, don’t have to worry about hunger, disease, everyday is similar, that is live in lie. Or he can escape, and start worry about hunger, disease, and every day is different and maybe very tough, that is live beside die. Jonas make his choice, between ‘lie and die’, he choose to live beside die.
That is freedom of choice VS social stability.
Which one is more important?
I think they are contradictory. If you want freedom of choice, and the social will not stability like before, this situation is like the different between western country and eastern country.
For example China, China government is more pay attention to social stability, because the social stability or not is relate to government’s safety. Even in ancient China, social stability also the most important thing in government‘s sight. But in western, people more pay attention in freedom of choice, because they think if there is no freedom of choice, whatever how stability the social is, it will be meaningless. The main group in society is human. Humanity is human’s principle. Human in society without humanity is nothing, useless and unreasonable to survive. So in western country, the freedom to choose is most important thing in society, and in other hand, they really fight for it for a long time.
Giver is not a bad guy, maybe he just want his people living peaceful, living stable. Protect them from pain, fear, sadness. The best way to protect them from these sense, is let ‘love’, ’warm’, ’happiness’, far away from them. Without love, warm, happiness, they won’t afraid of anything anymore.
Giver is naïve. He is too naive to make a community. The world is doesn’t work in this way. In some way, he really makes a stable community, without impact, without anger, without fear. But it is not a real community, every unit live in it, is like robot, they live in the program, they live follow the program. So the giver didn’t makes a community, that just his own world, he is the only human in that world, all the people in it is his toys, he love his toys, don’t want they get any hurt, so he make them in his program. He wants to protect them. Protect them from cruel real world. He would rather to get all the pain, get all the fear instead of they will get. It’s a kind of freaky love, deprive his lovers’ freedom of choose, give them a stable society.
But I prefer to freedom of choose, I don’t want to be protected. I want to be a human as basic principle. If you won’t treat me like a human, I will escape. Whatever how stable life you will give to me, I will escape. Because I must to live like a human, not a robot. Even the future is really horrible, even the future is really tough, I still choose this way, because that the way to be a real human. And I’m born to be human. The freedom is the most important.
Like the Petogfi written: Liberty and love, these two I must have. For love, I will sacrifice my life; for liberty, I will sacrifice my love.
Without freedom, we are nothing.
Now I think about our parents. Sometime they try to be a giver, they try their best to protect their children, try their best to make their children avoid the mistake. Make their children grow without a hitch. These parents are like the giver, they try to give their children stable life, they planning them, make their children live in program. Make their children like a robot. They plan all the step for their children, the only thing they ignore, is their children is human. In the beginning of this novel, the Lois Lowry writes ‘for all the children To whom we entrust the future.’ I think this is what he wants to say:
Please give back the right to make mistake to your children, because they have to live like a human in future. And, there is nothing important than freedom, the real human, want to live as a human, not a robot. They don’t want to be control so much.
To live in ‘lie or die’, that’s our own choice, shouldn’t chosen by others. We have our choice to die like a human, not live in lie, like a robot.

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