How to tell a story like a TV series

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Why this story is interesting is, first of all, that it is told like a TV series. Secondly that it is about the history little known to us, specifically, Chinese, most of whom have limited the eyes to ourselves.

A TV series is not supposed to see the world in one eye. Typically, people watch a TV series because it handles different minds with details, not just conversations, but moods, emotions, mentality etc.. By depicting different souls, the audience is able to grab more information the lines could deliver. Meanwhile, the difficulty in constructing a macrostructure for the story is also eased with the help of the perspectives of different eyes. Obviously, we have seen too many in our own eyes and are tired of how we see the outer world. It is always not too late to view the universe in the eyes of other people, which is fascinating.

As for the history itself, most Chinese are not familiar with the Islamic people, not to mention their costumes, legends, arts, sciences, or even religions. When a writer tries to paint us a big picture of this civilization, it is then a good time for us to sit down comfortably and enjoy the beauty within.

This is a good story, not too complicated yet not too simple to lose it in pages. What you need is time and patience to follow the writer's wand and finally you will be entertained with the magic of words.
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