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I am wondering what I can do to support London Single Diary and its author Yilin Zhong except getting a copy for myself until I came upon those awful one star some readers gave to this book at douban. I don't like arguing and believe everyone has its own preference. It's absolutely fine if some readers don't enjoy a book as much as I do and they have every right to make their unfavorable comments. However, after giving it a second thought, I realize while respecting other readers' voices (as long as it doesn't come to slander), I must also voice my opinion and thought so that many other readers who are curious about this book but still hesitant to get one would not be misled. Therefore, I just registered this douban account and this would be my first comment.

I like Yilin's stories for they are real and unpretending, just like the author herself. It's true the book is mainly about men and relationship, but as women (lemme assume that the greater audience this book reaches are women. And men readers, thank you for being with us and sharing our thoughts :D ), can we deny that love and relationship is a very big part of our life? So what's so wrong for one to write what one concerns? I can't believe some call the author idiot or moron just because love is important for her. Just like Yilin, I am also kinda drinking water full when in love. I like reading her and resonating with her sometimes funny and teeny-weeny thoughts, you know women's thoughts. So girls and boys, if you are interested in life and romance in exotic settings, don't hesitate! Go and get this book. It's at least very safe to expect a pleasant journey exploring London with the author meanwhile experiencing her romance.
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