The Serenity in Tempest

2009-09-29 看过
This book is rare in mainland China.I picked it up in a second-hand bookstore in the neighbourhood of Feng Chia University(逢甲大學),Taizhong city. That night, we had a stroll in Feng Chia night market. What an immense profusion of local snacks! Taiwan has always been famous for its regional cuisine.However, some of us were less attracted by these delicious food than by books, since the latter are really hard to find. Like our secondhand bookshops in the vicinity of universities, these counterparts are dim caverns, but abound in books with reasonable prices. To be frank, Taiwanese are more friendly and considerate than mainland people.
I am reading The Serenity in Tempest now and then.It contains 21 articles. A different perspective to witness modern Chinese history.
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