Family environment affects one’s character

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I read 《the little princess》, a moving novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this holiday. It’s about a wealthy girl - Sara who born in <st1:country-region>India</st1:country-region> was sent to a select seminary for young ladies in London for further study. In this period she went through the biggest setback in her life. When her father died, she turned to a humble maidservant from the princess that everybody envied, but still maintained the quality of herself’s and never give up hopes. Finally she got what belongs to her originally and lived a happy life with her new friend who helped her all the time when she’s in difficult ever after.
People’s family environment affects their character, especially in their adlescence. Family environment includes material living conditions, social status, the relationship between family members and the language, the behavior and the feelings of the sum of family members. Family is the place where children live and grow, so it’s the most important place for their mental qualities to form. The little princess in the book—Sara always treats people well, even the one she didn’t know. Though there’s someone envied her, most people thought she was nice and liked her every much. There’s a description in the book: “Perhaps I have not really a good temper at all, but if you have everything you want and everyone is kind to you, how can you help but be a good-temper?”said by Sara. This is the best case. Sara’s father loved her very much and just as the book told us: He was a rich father who was willing to spend a great deal of money on his little daughter. The more democratic the parents are, the more independent, blod, clever, collaborative their child will be. Sara grew in such a family that his father doted on her and everybody loved her and treated her like a real princess. She had also been given the best education his father could provide. How could she be an ungracious girl with bad-temper?
There’s an example here: A boy, whose mother and father always have altercations and always admonished him very sternly when he made mistakes, has very mean opinion of himself and was very dissocial. When others was playing or talking, he could only stand aside and play to himself. Why was he like this? That’s because he has a family in witch the relationship between the members were not harmonious and the atmosphere were not democratic at all. He lived under the stress of nervous and upset that his parent’s may break in brawling and he may be punished every moment. His family environment is absolutely not good, this affects him deeply. When his parents were angry he was treated bad as an animal, so he was self-abased of himself and his situation. This kind of self-abasement leads his dissociableness. It tells us that terrible family environment will be bad to a person for his whole life long.
In the novel, when Sara had been a poor slaver in rags, she still kept imagining she is a real princess and kept imagining what will be happened when everybody suddenly found “the truth”. She also made the illusion that the loft she lived was filled with soft cushion and there were many carpets on the floor and wall. “We could imagine there were cakes and cookies on the table and the tea is hot” she told her friend and herself when they nearly starved to death. In my opinion, that’s because she would not like to believe the truth that she had been a slaver in rags who lived in loft. Since her born, she was treated like a princess. All the people around her liked her, respected her and doted on her. She never reduced to such a situation that she could not accept the fact. She hoped her life could be as beautiful as before, and she kept believing that. I think she could not live on and stood all the suffering happened on her if she didn’t fancy these things. All that above tells us that she could not accept the truth and accept to the situation.
See? That’s the effect the family environment brings to.
After reading 《the little princess》,so fortunately do I feel that I born in a good family. My parents love me and dote on me very much. To provide their best, I have been given the things I want. I never lacked of anything and envied others. What is more, since I could remember, they almost have no altercation in my memories. They are a real old Darby and Joan. As a result, I treat others good and seldom have brawl with others. Before I never thought it’s lucky. Now I know it’s my mistake. It’s so fortunate that you born and grow up in such a good family.
Family environment has an extensive influence in the formation and the development of our characters. You eat in it, play in it, work in it, sleep in it. It’s the most important place in your life. It’s also the place that you spend the most time on, no matter at the past, now or in the future ,no matter you, him or me. We born in the family and grew up in the family. What happened to our family is just like what happened to ourselves. How could it not affect us? Just as Fromm said:” Family is the spiritual media of the society, to accept to their families, children form the character that could accept to his responsibility in later life.” Obviously, as the opinion I talk about from the passage above, family environment play a vital role in a person’s whole life ,even make a great effect on their children, grandchild, or the society. As the old saying goes “No pay No gain.” no matter we are just kids, parents or grandparents, just put our heart on our family to make it perfect!
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