Urbanization and Inequality

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知道施坚雅,还是当初在毛泽东思想课上辛老师提到的,当时辛老师还小讲了一下他的六边形[Central place theory],为此还借过他的书。现在重读,发现他确实太厉害了,他的这种区域体系/市场 [core-peripheral structure of regional system/market]的研究方法,为中国城市学研究开风气之先。滨下的书里面关于亚洲朝贡体系和亚洲world region的观点,有很多施坚雅的影子。施坚雅对社会科学颇有启示性的地方,在我看来是其对regional effect以及embeddings的强调,他关于urbanization的研究,也有值得注意的地方,但是却没有涉及到工业化、城市化、社会不平等诸问题。

看到了他在China Historical GIS上的部分data,也看到了Peter Bol[哈佛的牛人]为他写的讣告[2008:During the past months, when it became apparent that he would not recover, Bill devoted much of his energy to ensuring that his work would not be lost. He arranged with Bill Lavely for his research on demography to be transferred to the University of Washington. His GIS datasets and related research projects will be given to Harvard, where they will be located in the Spatial Analysis Project at the Fairbank Center. Lex Berman and I, with advice from Mark Henderson and Bill Lavely,will do our best to see that his materials are preserved and made available to scholars.

The CHGIS project would not have been possible without Bill's support. Even today his application of spatial analysis to the study of Chinese, Japanese, and French society remains among the most sophisticated research in the field.]
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