What a girl wants isn't always what a girl needs...

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I wish I could meet a perfect man for my Mr. Right.
I wish I had bought that lottery ticket, otherwise I would have won the biggest prize.
I wish...

We are always making wishes, big or small, about the past or about the future... even though we know most of them are seldom achieved.

Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things as well. In Alexandra Potter's book "Be Careful What You Wish For", this 30-something girl used to make little, everyday wishes without thinking. With her luck, she knows they'll never come true. Deep in her heart, however, she still wishes that they would become reality someday.

She made hopeless wishes until one day she came across a mysterious gypsy, who gave her a so-called "lucky feather". Soon after that, a lot of changes start to take place in her life.

She was surprised to see that her luck was dramatically changed for better. Besides an empty seat on the tube or a vacant parking place in her neighbourhood, a new flatmate came to share her rent and Lady Charlotte came to save the wedding photography agency she worked for...She was even overexcited to make aquaintance with the man she had crush on for a long time and fell in love with each other...

Seemingly, everything went on well until...gradually...she came to realize...good luck does not necessarily mean happiness.

She did date with that perfect man, but she found actually she didn't love him.

Lady Charllote did hire the service of the agency Heather worked for and her wedding would no doubt bring the near-bankrupt agency a great fortune, but it soon turned out that the groom-to-be is Heather's ex-boyfriend. Just imagine how Heather would take photos at her ex's wedding.


Poor Heather was sad to find most of those changes or so-called good luck had not brought any happiness to her. On the contrary, she got in trouble again and again, which she was almost unable to deal with.

Her father's sudden heart attack almost led to her regret for a life time. Fortunately, he was saved from the death and slowly recovered under the care of all his families. Exhausted Heather, after a series of unexpected incidents, came to realize what matters most in her life.

What's more, she at last admitted to herself that she had already fallen in love with Gabe, her flatmate, who had just had a quarrel with her because of some misunderstanding and left their flat for the Edinburgh Festival, when she just accepted a new photographing task to go there as well.

Of course, the author has the ability to offer the story a happy ending, which is to all readers' relief.

Finishing the novel, I couldn't help thinking about my life.

What if I also had a luck feather?

What wishes would I make?

On the cover of this book is an interesting sentence: "What a girl wants isn't always what a girl needs."

Doesnt that make absolute sense?

I do agree with that.

So I do hope that every girl, whether you have read the book or you are going to read it, think carefully about your life and make wishes carefully. After all, our life is under the control of ourselves, not a so-called feather.

Don't believe it? You just go to read Heather's story and you'll learn a lesson like she. I'm sure.
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