Everything is about power.

2009-09-19 看过

You can walk around to see people smiling at you. You can wear new clothes or change your hair to receive others saying you're handsome or beautiful. You can sing a song to hear the applauds at the end of it.
But your should remember when you're doing this, that this is all about power.
We human beings have something called culture. I have to admit that culture is good, it's attractive, it's a beauty, it makes the world colorful and I love it. But it makes us unconscious about power, it makes us believe that there is true love, true justice, true democracy, or other things which are civilized. But the truth is, culture itself makes this up, and we’ve all been set up.
I might be cynical, but I’ve found it easier to live with a black heart.
So, what is power?
Chimpanzees have told us.
It’s order.
A crowd needs order so they would live easier.
Then we can understand why we need a leader and it should be a powerful one, and democracy is the way to have a leader and is not the way to lead.
And we must be clear that the leader has to protect weaker ones, have to be challenged from time to time but in a simple and efficient way and other challengers have to keep quiet most of the time.
It seems like we do not follow the simple rules often.
That’s definitely the reason we have so much chaos.
There’re politics, there’ll always be, we can’t do anything about that, but there’re dirty fighters, dirty politics, and dirty impressions about political affairs in people’s mind, and we can do something about that.
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