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Everyone who simply comes across this book on the third level of the shelf in a book store or pursue this book due to the name of Buzan would find the reading experience amazingly enlightening and helpful.As the name indicates, this book writes about memorisation. The author, Tony Buzan who is well-known for his innovative brain tool "Mind Map", brings out many practical methods for quick memory. These rules work! In some sense it's like magic tricks. Just imagine remembering 10 phone numbers of different locations in 10 seconds, or reciting the poker cards you have seen just a minute before or giving out the whole shedule of the day without any mistakes. As a matter of fact, the memory is intensely strenghened after some training . However, there is one major inconvenience for Chinese readers who want to make use of Buzan's methods: Buzan established his major memory system on alphabet which means the Chinese characters may remain incompatible with his innovations. So the readers are left with two choices: make efficent use of English-based memory or just give up the methods.
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