Swimming in the Pool of Signifiers

2009-02-05 看过
This book would be the very best choice if anyone intends to get the “cocktail knowledge” in English literature. Term after term, you would get dazzled in this pool——or the sea——of signifiers. And then being furnished with those techniqucal terms, your talk would shine with a gloss of wisdom (or wit?). Well, it is exactly the very charm of this glossary.

Tracing the terms one from another, a chain, a circle, or even a net of signifers would come out with malicious sense of guile. You sit down, and read the term, let's say,"Victorian Novel". Then you would inevitably jump to the next "Realism", then "Naturalism", and "conventions", "structuralism", "post-structuralism"...After following all those "isms", the reader would suddently find him or her having been trapped, whirling in a playful abysm.

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