'you're the only thing it would hurt me to lose‘

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how we wish edward cullen could be true,he's so perfect to be true,instead,he lives forever as a vampire,and how does it feel if your guardian angel is a vampire?
for his more than 100 years of life,he fell in love for the 1st time, he fell,deeper,harder,much more like a shy teenager,with all the passion and sincerity.
is it what we're looking for in the true human beings,which may be gradually lost,bit by bit?
"you're the only thing it would hurt me to lose",this line,in the end of the 1st book,simply caught my heart,touched it unconditionally too.
maybe it's my fave line from the book,we understand every simple word of the sentence,however,how many of us could have the chance to hear it?or say it?
that's why we have this twisted fairy tale,and turn our final fantasy into a vampire,to live forever,breathtakingly beautiful,and everlastingly young.
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