Friendship Is a Special Place

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Friendship is a special place untouched by time or distance...where feelings are felt and thoughts are shared with someone special.

Friendship gives to heart and soul a voice that is heard in complete trust and understanding.

True friends come into our lives at special times and stay.

We travel separate journeys and cross different bridges with each other's help and with the wonderful feeling that we are not alone.

Friends become our chosen family. The ties are spun with love and care.

Through our friends we come to know other families...and learn of the different experiences that affect each other's lives. Because of this we learn something precious and great...

In our joys and our our dreams and our work...we are all different.

And yet we feel each other's special place of caring within...and we know that we are all the same.

The most magical part of friendship is that I can be who I am...and you can be who you are...totally.

Together, we can laugh in the midst of a problem...and find hope in the midst of despair.

By just being ourselves, we help each other.

You can always return to a friend and find the same warm feeling.

And whether we are together or far apart...friendship will hold us in its heart.

Friendship is a special place...I am glad we are there.

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