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笑着看完这本书的(笑点太低)这里罗列下让我破涕大笑已经忍不住吐槽的一些情节 希望大家看得开心 如果你笑起来了我也回很快乐

She smells like fruit liqueur, not in a bad way but not in a fully good way either.


Let’s go upstairs, she said.

Yeah. We actually are upstairs.

I want you to fuck me.

He made a kind of frowning expression, which if she had been sober would have induced her to pretend she had only been joking.

这里有点卑微啦 康奈尔面对突如其来的“臣服”不知所措

She wanted to laugh,

but she didn’t know if the joke was on her.


Marianne started laughing, but Connell was expressionless, just focused- looking.


They have sex again, not speaking very much. After that she feels peaceful and wants to sleep.


She tosses herself gracefully into the air, and each time, without knowing how he’s going to do it, he catches her.大概这就是世另我吧

It is generally known in their year group that Connell has received the highest grade in all but one module, and he finds he likes to be thought of as intelligent, if only because it makes his interactions with other people more legible.自卑男孩

Do you not fantasise about having your own harem? says Peggy. I thought that was a universal thing for men. 这个Peggy是个狠角色啊 女👊出击

Marianne replaces the yoghurt pot in the freezer now and asks Joanna if she finds it strange, to be paid for her hours at work – to exchange, in other words, blocks of her extremely limited time on this earth for the human invention known as money.💰话题 看的时候还蛮有感觉

Okay. Now, because she was never really his girlfriend, she’s not even his ex-girlfriend. She’s nothing. 琼瑶奶奶附体啦😂

She asked if he would send her back photographs of himself in return, and he made a ‘hm’ noise.


He was really laughing then. Marianne, he said, I’m not a religious person but I do sometimes think God made you for me.

🤮情话不要太cliche 鸡皮疙瘩掉满地

You know me, he says.

I did once.


I was admiring you, she said. He pushed his wet hair back from his forehead. You’re always admiring me, he said. 都还挺清楚的

Peggy laughed it

off, of course, saying men were all the same. 她是有多仇男😂

He nods, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. His body is so big and gentle, like a Labrador.

结合剧集想象 康奈尔的身材 额嗯好想抱一抱这个拉布拉多啊

Well, best of luck to them. May the revolution be swift and brutal.

迟到的理由是遇上游行活动了 玛丽安赶紧逮住机会毒舌一顿

Maybe I want to be treated badly, she says. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I deserve bad things because I’m a bad person.


He hangs up. Her friends look at her expectantly as she holds the phone in one hand and turns to face them. She explains what’s happened, and they all express sympathy for Connell. 朋友们都好有爱

How much cash do you think you’ll need? she says to Connell. The question is sensitive enough that her friends start to talk amongst themselves, so she feels she has him almost alone.朋友们被金钱退散

Now Marianne starts crying, the most embarrassing thing that has happened to her in her entire adult life. 这里感觉玛丽安年过半百啦

In the Arts Block the next morning Jamie kisses her in front of everyone and says she looks beautiful. How was Connell last night?

他是你情敌哦 这个工具人有点憨憨的😂

He loves seeing her face on-screen, especially when the connection is good and her movements are smooth and lifelike.网好当然好看咯

His correspondence with Marianne includes a lot of links to news reports. At the moment they’re both engrossed in the Edward Snowden story, Marianne because of her interest in the architecture of global surveillance, and Connell because of the fascinating personal drama.

锁了锁了 红颜知己

It’s like something he assumed was just a painted backdrop all his life has revealed itself to be real: foreign cities are real, and famous artworks, and underground railway systems, and remnants of the Berlin Wall. 在酷女孩眼里一切都是过往云烟 不值一提哈

She races towards the gate, her sandals clapping on the gravel. The heat beats down on the back of Connell’s neck like the feeling of human eyes staring. 小别胜新婚咯

He senses a certain receptivity in her expression, like she’s gathering information about his feelings, something they have learned to do to each other over a long time, like speaking a private language. 柠檬🍋

Once, after speaking to Jamie briefly at a party, Connell left the building and punched a brick wall so hard his hand started bleeding.

这里好勇 康奈尔难得一见的血气

I don’t know why we’re bothering with Venice, says Jamie. It’s just full of Asians taking pictures of everything.

God forbid you might have to encounter an Asian person, Niall says.


I feel so spoilt, says Elaine.

Where’s the cream? Jamie says.

It’s inside, says Marianne.

Why didn’t you bring it out? he says.


He drops the glass on the floor and it shatters. Marianne screams, a real scream from her throat, 土拨鼠尖叫.jpg

Their breathing slows into one rhythm. 惊我全家 连呼吸都统一啦!

Her mouth is so close that her breath is wet on his lips. They start to kiss, and her mouth tastes dark like wine. 之前喝了酒几口酒呗

In Sweden we have a saying, he says. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.


There’s always been something inside her that men have wanted to dominate, and their desire for domination can look so much like attraction, even love.


and he felt in awe of her naturalness, her easy way of moving through the world. It hadn’t been like that in school, quite the opposite. Back then Connell had been the one who understood how to behave, while Marianne had just aggravated everyone.

反过来了 在适应环境方面

Back in fifth year when Connell had scored a goal for the school football team, Rob had leapt onto the pitch to embrace him. He screamed Connell’s name, and began to kiss his head with wild exuberant kisses. Nothing had meant more to Rob than the approval of others


They were attended only by people who wanted to be the kind of

people who attended them。真相 图书馆组织的活动

She said that within a few weeks everyone would have moved on to something else anyway.


It’s funny the decisions you make because you like someone, he says, and then your whole life is different. I think we’re at that weird age where life can change a lot from small decisions. 大道理三连

But so much is covered over in time now, the way leaves fall and cover a piece of earth, and eventually mingle with the soil.都交给时间吧

The proportions of the visual environment around him shudder in and out of focus, like someone has picked up the world and shaken it, hard.

流血倒下 引起地震!

She looks at him above the veil of white tissue, and in a rush he feels his power over her again, the openness in her eyes.

终于等到你 还好我没有放弃 我亲爱的master

He knew how to give her what she wanted, to leave her open, weak, powerless, sometimes crying. He understood that it wasn’t necessary to hurt her: he could let her submit willingly, without violence.

好的 小宝贝 接受我的甜蜜伤害吧

She was in his power.

他终于接受了她的臣服 剧终

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