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I still record this in English for the same reason.

@ According to my current knowledge, this book is a really good introduction to New Age. At least I have finished the first book, and have found some interesting ideas from it. (I have read many other New Age books. Not like this one, most of them are full of boring and repeated words.) This series of books certainly covers most concepts which are broadly discussed in New Age articles.
@ The concept of "no conflict" and "no judgment" is interesting, and actually makes sense.
@ The description of how and why the world is created is typically Gnostic, especially the process of appearance of spheres.
@ The author takes too much time on traditional western mental pitfalls, such as the original sin or the existence of hell. It makes sense given his background, but is very boring to me.
@ It is obvious that even his God takes some culture-based concepts for granted, and total ignores the particularity and regionality of them, such as trinity in Christianity or even the existence of God himself. We may consider these as the distortion of the channel (caused by the background of the author). Or maybe, it's just because it is only "his God".
@ The paronomasia and analysis of spellings are interesting, but totally meaningless. Structure of a single language cannot be taken as the proof for everything.
@ I also find some conflicts in his God's words. Anyway, it may caused by my misunderstanding or ignorance. (It also can be caused by other reasons.)
@ The description of the nature of time is suspicious. It can be true. But it also can totally be a fantasy. No one knows.
@ This God also can find something he cannot achieve. Just like the paradox—ask God to find a rock he cannot raise.


By Nocturn~清流 from 安見閣(anseeing.com)
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