Under the Moon

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Actually I am not fancy reading fictions cause I think they are far-reaching and difficult. But this one is totally different, it's short and easy and interesting, a bit of sarcastic as well. There is an apparent controvercy among this fiction, destroyed earth. Maybe Earth would be ruined because of the bad behaviors leading by people in the future. As citizens on earth, Kiah and Rila realize the importance to save the ozone layer, however, how sarcastic and idiotic the Earth Commandor is! He only wants to go to Mars without escuses and ignores All the potential problems of his own leading region.

Several points I want to mention and emphasize.

1. The natural ozone layer has been destroyed and the new AOL began to break up. That is to say, the world we live is under pressure of being destroyed. So what we are supposed to do is to realize the truth and protect our homeland.

2. Heroism is extraordinarily common in the foreign literature especially Americans'. The characteristic of valor can be seen in words and deeds of Kiah.

3. Earth Commandor is selfish so he doesn't deserve the position. However, he loves his wife deeply for indulging her to a totally strange place without enough readiness.

4. The moon is the new target of people to settle down. There are afew study statistics about the moon.

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