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Well, yeah. Maybe I have bought hundreds of books for my mind. But this is the first book I bought for my body, except those body-building magazines. It’s easy to make up my mind to buy the book considering the 25 yuan price is merely half a 9-inch pizza(God, does food have to come into the picture?).


But wait. Why not? Don’t hold a hostile attitude towards the food on your table. Don’t make gym your second home. The book saved our body before it was twisted thousand times by all those weird opinions concerning healthy diet and exercise. For a good-looking(hence slim, if you ask me) and fit-for-earrings body all it takes is just natural rules and common sense. Nature body. Nature beauty. Nature things to do. Say goodbye to those dehumanizing methodologies. No crucial restrictions about what you should and must not eat. No bloody instructions telling you that you’d better run the shit out of you for thirty minutes to lose half a pound in one week. You’d feel comfortable reading this book and acting on it. When you start to read it you know from your heart that this is true, instead of what you’ve heard from your neighbor or the second son of your mother’s uncle-in-law. It’s hard to tell what your body is telling you, but at least we should be on the listening. Stop taking it for granted when you feel angry, hungry, exhausted or thirsty, what your body really needs might be different from what you think it did.

Nature has a strength. Act on it. Don’t against it. The ultimate guidance for body stands on two legs, mild science and mild human.
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