The woman walks towards you

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Can’t imagine a better instance of love being existed. Blessed to come across an English version and finished reading in several days - for a long time I just can’t finish a book, from beginning to the end. The film portrays a magical 50th American world with excellent set design and breathtaking charm that the two leads bring, while the book, with all the details that one can really feel the characters and emotions of the two people. All the gestures, words and silence between. It’s a amazing that Highsmith could sense and grasp all the tiny things in life. I sunk while reading. Therese is more than beautiful and smart, compared with what Rooney Mara presents in the film, and Carol did develop the affection for a reason. The rhythm is overall comfortable and catching, while at the beginning before Carol showed up it might seem little slow, but it’s definitely worthwhile. It’s important to understand who Therese is, before everything and how she changed after all. Stay patient.

The last chapter, especially the last paragraph, was keeping a breath at my throat, with all the expectations, bitterness and anxiety waiting ahead, with a presumption of so called happy ending while you just needed to see it, see Therese walk towards her. I could not quite understand Carol for her leaving and for her choice after watching the film, but the book, with a complete letter from Carol gradually appearing in front of you, if you put yourself in that situation, in the world 70 years ago, in the dilemma that Carol faced, you would start to understand. Sometimes it did take time to make reflections on oneself, for ones desire and fear, proud and shame, to eventually know what hidden deeply inside was, to follow the direction where your hearts take you to. And this process did take time - both for Therese and Carol.

As long as one have longed for such connections between two people, “for a thousand times you know it’s her, at thousand houses, from heaven to hell” Highsmith did invent a miracle that I cannot escape from.

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