No big deal: a populist harangue

2005-11-28 看过
Read a chapter from the English version. Was not impressed. There is neither insight nor much humor.

Couldn't understand why 进化论者 is so excited about it; but every dog is welcome to his own bone. Just one thing, though: NY Times Book Review is known as a very commercial publication; middle-brow, at most, and bears no comparison to NY Review of Books. And certainly no publication provides the Last Word on anything. I don't see what's so wrong in 丁丁虫's criticism, and I disagree that one can't challenge NYT Book Review. When 进化论者 wrote: "楼上居然评价此书无聊,全面否定纽约时报的评价,实在是误导苍生", I can't help feeling sorry for his critical faculty.

I also noticed that 丁丁虫 got ding'd by quite a few people who disagree with his negative review (5 out of 10, to be precise), and mark it as "Not Useful". As I wrote elsewhere, a lot of people at this forum don't seem to understand how the "Useful" or "Useless" rating works. Too many take it as "Agreed" or "Disagreed".

For which I expect many to rate mine as "Useless". Welcome to express your intelligent criticism.

BTW, 进化论者 wrote: "但如果你接受进化论,看过《自私的基因》,你就会觉得这本书太精彩了!"
Then in his self-introduction, 进化论者 again proudly annouced: "...因为看过《自私的基因》、《精子战争》,专门研究过DNA鉴识术,..."

I got the impression that this is one of those people who read very few books, but love to remind you what they did read. One's sympathy goes to such narrow minds. Let's all be charitable, then.
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