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读书笔记 Ch 9: Failing and Learning at Work

You regret the things you don't do, not the things you do.

Gaterhing and acting on negative feedback is how you reach your potential.

Asking for criticism signals that you care about improving.

I wasn't as persuasive as I could be in meeting because I often jumped in to speal early. She said that if I could be more patient and let otheres express their views first, I could be make my argumetns better by addressing their concerns... I need to slow down and listen more.

One way to lessen the sting of criticism is to evaluate how well you handle it... Even when you get an F for the situation itself, you can still earn an A+ for how you deal with it.

The ability to listen to feedback is a sign of resilience, and some of those who do it best gained that strenght in the hardest way possible.

After the accident, BYron vowed not to become a problem for his grieving paretns. He excelled in scholl all the way through earning a PhD in economics What helped him build resilience the most, he told me, was overcoming pervasiveness: "Extreme compartmentalization may be my biggest superpower," he said, laughing. If a project doesn't turn out the way he wanted, Byron remembers that things could always be worse. "I say to myself and to others all the time, "Is anyone gonna die?" That's the worst - I am not afraid of failure."

"I'm giving you these comments because I have very high expectiations and I know that you can reach them."

... Some of our leaders have taken bold steps to maek openness to feedback part of our culture. Carolyn Everson, who runs our global sales teams, shares her performance reviews in an internal Facebook group with 2,400 members. She wants her enire team to see how she's working to improve.

I talked about times in my life that I felt truly unsrue of who I was.

Believing it will all work out helps it all work out.

She said she was scared but did not want to give up a role shed been working towrad for so mnay years.

You'd think sharing would slow you down, but it takes time and energy to hide things.

YGT - You've got this.

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