Winesburg, Ohio 9.0分
读书笔记 Chapter 8 Adventure

1. In the city where he is living men are perpetually young. There is so much going on that they do not have time to grow old.

2. In the dry goods store weeks ran into months and months into years as Alice waited and dreamed of her lover's return.

3. "We will have to stick to each other now."The words echoed and reechoed through the mind of the maturing woman.

4. “It is not him that I want," she told herself; "I want to avoid being so much alone. If I am not careful I will grow unaccustomed to being with people."

5. She thought that the rain would have some creative and wonderful effect on her body. Not for years had she felt so full of youth and courage. She wanted to leap and run, to cry out, to find some other lonely human and embrace him.

6. When she got into bed she buried her face in the pillow and wept broken-heartedly. "What is the matter with me? I will do something dreadful if I am not careful," she thought, and turning her face to the wall, began trying to force herself to face bravely the fact that many people must live and die alone, even in Winesburg.

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