Liquid Love 8.8分
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Substitution for love: top-pocket relationship (instantaneity and disposability incarnate)

A successful top-pocket relationship is sweet and short-lived, says Jarvie. We may suppose that it is sweet because it is short-lived, and that its sweetness dwells precisely in that comforting awareness that you do not need to go out of your way or stretch yourself over backwards to keep its sweetness intact for a longer time

first condition for top-pocket relationship : must be entered in full awareness and soberly

Convenience is the sole thing that counts, and convenience is a matter for a clear head, not a warm(let alone overheated) heart.

second condition: keep it this way

EastEnders style relationships: examples of relationships in liquid modernity

Partnership is but a coalition of 'confluent interests', and in the fluid world of EastEnders people come and go, opportunites knock and disappear again shortly after being let in, fortunes rise and fall and coalitions tend to be floating, flexible and frail. People seek partners and 'enter relationships' in order to escape the vexation of fraility, only to find that frailty yet more vexing and painful than before. What was mean/hoped/expected to be a shelter (perhaps the shelter) against fragility proves time and again to be its hothouse...
Regular, reliable reassurances for the unsure: yes, this is your life, and the truth of life of the others like you. Don’t panic, take it as it comes, and don’t forget for a moment that come it will - you can be sure it will. No one says that making people into your partners-in-fate is easy; but there is no other way but to try, and try, and try again.

An inevitable trench: clans(families)->Antigone's tragedy->famility, irreplaceble, husband, replaceble

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