Liquid Love 8.6分
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about proposal and acceptance

Asking the question, waiting for an answer, being asked a question, struggling with the answer, is what made the change.


The chance to open themselves up to the adventure of the unknown and the unpredictable was love's greatest seduction.
Being twosome means consent to undetermined future.

human->repetition of trial and error (trying to deny the separation)

Franz Kafka observed that we are doubly separated from God. Having eaten from the tree of knowledge we have separated us from Him - while the fact that we have not eaten from the tree of life separates Him from us. Him (eternity, in which all beings and their deeds are embraced; in which whatever may be, is, and whatever may happen, does) is closed to us; bound to stay secret - forever beyond comprehension. But we know that - and this knowledge allows us no rest. Starting with the failed attempt to build the Tower of Babel, we cannot stop trying and erring and failing and trying again.

however, the unlimited cannot be attained by organization... The highest things cannot be planned; for them readiness is everything

speech lives by virtue of another's life->love

Speech is bound by time and nourished by time...It does not know in advance just where it will end. It takes its cue from others...In actual conversation something happens
This is exactly what love does: wrenching an other from 'all the world', and through that act remoulding 'an' other into the 'quite definite someone', someone with a mouth to listen to, someone with whom to converse so that something may happen.
And what is that 'something' to be? Love means suspending the answer, or refraining from asking the question. Making an other into the definite someone means rendering the future indefinite. It means consent to the future's indefiniteness. Consent to a life lived from its conception to its demise, on the only site allocated to humans: the void stretching between finitude of their deeds and infinity of their aims and consequences.
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