Writing Science 9.8分
读书笔记 Writing in Science


1. As a scientist, you are a professional writer.


2. Success is defined not by the number of pages you have in print but their influence. You succeed when your peers understand your work and use it to motivate their own.

作者抛出了这样一个问题:是清晰的思考(clear thinking)引出了清晰的写作(clear writing),还是由清晰的写作引发了清晰的思考呢?接下来自问自答道,写作可以帮助我们形成更为明晰深刻的思考。

3. I agree with Montgomery. Often, the process of structuring your thoughts to communicate them allows you to test and refine those thoughts. As you focus on writing clearly, you force yourself to think more clearly. Improving your writing will help you become successful, both because it allows you to communicate your ideas more effectively, making them accessible to the widest audience, and also because it makes your thinking, and thus your science, better.


4. Writing can be a painful process of rewriting, rewriting, and more rewriting until your work gets good enough to send off. An artist never completes a work -- they merely let it go. This rewriting cycle develops both your writing and your thinking, moving both towards clarity and power.

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