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(快乐而不是压力) I'm hoping to help you begin to see drawing as a pleasurable activity rather than as an opportunity to beat yourself up.

(足够数量) Dont't fret if you don't like many of your cats. It takes many, many drawings to get that "one" that you love.

(降低压力的方法,毛绒绒的感觉,利用辅助工具而不是技术) Gather your materials and get in bed ... you can either sit up with your paper propped on a pillow, or lie on your stomach with the paper on the mattress.

(每次持续足够长的时间,但是不要太长) spend the next ten minutes or so drawing as many cats in as many positions

(降低压力的方法,降低期望值) Try to keep your lines simple and expressive. If you find that your are feeling tense, switch to your nondominat hand.

(保证足够观察的方法) Do not look at your paper. (而是保证百分之百的时间注视那只长颈鹿)

Draw every curve and bump.

(保证足够观察可以实施的方法) If you get stuck of would like to move your pen to start an internal feature, it's time to glance down at your paper to reset your pen to the right area, but don't move the pen while lokking at your paper (think of it as "drawing freeze tag").

(保证足够观察。降低压力的方法,降低期望值,任何结果都是成绩) You will get some funny-looking giraffes, but that is part of the fun!

(每次持续足够长的时间,但是不要太长,并且有确切出口10分钟)Spend about ten minutes doing gesture drawing of your pet.(右脑绘画要求每次30分钟左右,而编程题目每次要求集中注意力的时间远高于半小时。是不是每次训练内容太多?)

(降低压力的方法,即使局部也是好的。) Sometimes all you can get is the curve of a spine or tilt of an ear, but that's okay. (还有一种降低压力的训练方法,我没有摘抄原文: 先乱画,然后观察一会,旋转再观察,直到看出像什么,在乱画的基础上画图。避免追求完美,降低压力。我和二猫用过这个方法。)

(先画大纲) Look for the underlying geometry of the subject: ovals, triangles, trapezoids. Block these in lightly and refine the shapes as you have more time.

(降低压力的方法,还有机会。) If you've spent a few minutes on a drawing and the animal moves, don't despair. Start another drawing on the same page.

(在动物园里) animls' movements are confined to a particular area and they often repeat actions. You can start several drawings on the same page

(尖或钝的笔尖,都有用处) I like to do the details of my drawing with a fairly sharp point, but once the pencil lead gets wilder, that's the time to do some shading and then sharpen again.

(保证重复足够多次,并且有确切的出口20次。) IN THIS EXCERCISE, you will draw one dog, one pose, but twenty times.

(足够观察) Be sure to look at your reference more often that you look at your paper.

(以降低要求保证足够观察) After a minute or so, you can cheat by looking at your paper to make sure your drawing is not overlapping itself too much.

(交流,互评) Talk to other artists and see if they can point you in a direction you hadn't thought of before.

(随时都是可结束状态) For example, don't spend the first hour working only on the face, thinking you'll draw the rest later. The drawing should be at a "finished" stage at every step.

(精益,聚焦练习弱项) Keep at it! If there is something you are having trouble with, focus on that. For example, I was having trouble with hands, so I drew only hands for about four months.

(保证足够数量的方法,标进度,提醒确切的结束点) When you finish a face, sigh and number the back (1/100, 2/100, etc.).

(模仿名家画作) and try to reproduce it as closely as possible

(一笔画) Remember it should look like one line ... you should be able to follow the path from beginning to end with your eyes. Think loops.

(每次持续足够长时间) Repeat for three to five toys, drawing cotinuously for at least 15 minutes.

(在构图内部建立元素之间的联系) Make the two figures connect in some way--an arm around the shoulder, sitting together at the dinner table, whatever you like.

(模仿) Take inspiration from the looseness of your child's drawing, and endeavor to mimic that freeness as much as possible in your part of the picture.)(从初学者/儿童的作品中寻找受训练以前的关注点,类似的,攀岩要求观察力量较弱的女队员的动作,学习如何通过自己力量不足够的岩点)

(选择较少的色阶) Try reducing the entire scene to just four tonal values (from light to dark).

与 言乎言及熊老师的绘图课 的理念类似。

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