Bringing the State Back In 8.1分
读书笔记 Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Peter B. Evans

The "decoupling" of subunits is critical not only on grounds of efficient information use and situational decision making, but also because of the political role that must be played by the leadership of these subunits. Weber himself insisted on the essentially political nature of leadership at the top of the central bureaucracy. The necessity of negotiating with threatened interests and building support among potential constitutents applies also to state organs at a lower level. The more the state wishes to penetrate social and economic life, the less can the leaders of lower-level operative units afford to act simply as subordinates in a bureaucratic chain of command. Both in order to ensure efficient decision making and in order to allow for more effective political relations, the state must decentralize its activities, insulating certain aspects of the operation of its subunits from the control of the central bureaucracy.


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