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Occult precursors 先驱者to modern Wicca巫术

Three major sections: philosophical concepts, symbol system, and social structures.

Philosophical concepts-

Reincarnation 再生/转世and karma: was condemned as a heresy by orthodox Christianity. The particular concept of reincarnation introduced by Blavatsky and others was that the purpose of incarnation was to “learn” specific lessons such as repaying a debt to another soul. The concept of reincarnation as a learning experience ties directly into the introduction of the Hindu concept of karma-karma becoming the “points” system in the ongoing “game of learning”

Levels of reality-incorporated into Christianity-as taking the position that there are multiple spiritual worlds, each with its own natural laws and inhabitants. Probably the most vivid symbol system developed around this concept is the Kabbalah.

Alchemy点金术psychologically rather than precursor of chemistry. Teaches that the individual soul is transmuted from “base” material into gold.

Immanuel of deity: the concept of immanence(immediacy or closeness) of deity derives most directly from the protestant concept of the priesthood of all believers and the general gnostic concept of the individual should being an embodiment of god.

Symbol system:

Britain-Celtic mythography: the earliest form of modern Wicca drew its primary symbolism from a mishmash of Britain-Celtic mythography.

Kabbalah was, originally, a Jewish mystical system that derived from the merkabah riders of the first century. The system was incorporated into Christian magical/mystical system. It provides a map of the territory of the soul that resonate with many western core symbols, and it has a traceable lineage and a vast body of literature that provides both legitimation and explanation. Finally, the early efforts to “de-Judaize” Kabbalah produced a sort of template form that can incorporate any specific mythography within it, thereby making the symbolic structure quite “portable” between mythographic systems.

Western mystery tradition(wmt) refers to a collection of symbolic technologies that derive from the golden darn via the works of dion fortune.


Coven structures, circle structures.

Order of the temple of the orient(oto) is the best known thelemic organization in the world. Its an international organization, and its history is full of controversy.

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