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At thirty he was too old for a fighter pilot, but he became the greatest of RAF fighter pilots. Adolph ‘Sailor’ Malan was not a gifted, instinctive pilot, but he became one. He was an exceptional shot, extraordinarily aggressive in air combat, a brilliant tactician, a great leader in the air, and a strict disciplinarian. Unlike many fighter pilots then and now, he was not a line-shooter or a big ego.
He devised ten commandments, his rules for air fighting, which guided and saved the lives of countless British and American fighter pilots in the Second World War and since. He had good, basic values and cared about the men in his command. He spent extra time with the newest and least experienced of them, showing them the ropes and doing all he could to keep them from making the kinds of mistakes that might get them killed.

把上文里的Adolph ‘Sailor’ Malan改成Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock,把ten commandments改成fifteen commandments,把Second World War改成First World War,毫无违和、绝对看不出修改过的痕迹啊,要不然接替Sailor当74CO的Mungo-Park少校怎么会说:Mannock and Malan have made 74.


Group Captain Sailor Malan

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