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读书笔记 Reconsidering the Values

Concerns about an excess of self-discipline, as I’ve already mentioned, may remind us of very different goals, such as emotional health and well-roundedness.

At best, homework will have no impact on these crucial qualities. At worst, the net effect will be negative, particularly when we consider other activities and interactions in which children might have had more time to take part.

One characteristic that often shows up on those lists of long-term goals is something like “curious” or “lifelong learner.” Psychologists sometimes call it an intrinsic motivation to learn.

with the exception of asking students to read books of their own choosing. “I want students to be decision makers, and when it comes from them it is more meaningful and will have lasting effects.” The result: Many of her students now invent and complete their own academic projects “because they are so motivated to do so when the boundaries are removed. And many parents comment that they have never seen their child so positive about school.”

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