Power in Movement 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Modular Collective Action

Many of the future changes in the repertoire of contention first appeared in such great events as the taking of the Bastille or the February Days in Paris. But according to Tilly, their foundations were built in the day-to-day practice of contentious politics, which in turn, depended on the development of states and capitalism. The mass petition that grew out of a prosaic business practice in Britain; the barricade that was first used to defend Parisian neighborhoods from thieves and then from soldiers; the urban insurrection that was first used to demand work in Grenoble before becoming the instrument of revolution at the Bastille – all of these grew out of incremental interactions between challengers and authorities. From the point of view of the repertoire of popular politics, great events are often no more than the culmination of changes that have been germinating unobtrusively in the body politic.

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