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A Personal Statement

pp. 9

Something important and frightening to contemplate had been left out of my education--a way of looking at male-female relations, at sex, at strength, and at power. Never one to acknowledge my vulnerability, I found myself forced by my sisters in feminism to look it squarely in the eye.

1. The Mass Psychology of Rape: An Introduction

pp. 14

Man's structural capacity to rape and woman's corresponding structural vulnerability are as basic to the physiology of both our sexes as the primal act of sex itself.

pp. 15

It is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear

2. In the Beginning Was the Law

pp. 17-8

Men's forcible extension of his boundaries to his mate and later to their offspring was the beginning of his concept of ownership. Concepts of hierarchy, slavery, and private property flowed from, and could only be predicated upon, the initial subjugation of woman

pp. 20

One authority on the blood-vengeance justice of the early Assyrians has noted that under the lex talionis the father of a raped virgin was permitted to seize the wife of the rapist and violate her in turn

pp. 23-4

Concepts of rape and punishment in early English law are a wondrous maze of contradictory approaches reflecting a gradual humanization of jurisprudence in genderal, and in particular, man's eternal confusion, never quite resolved, as to whether the crime was a crime against a woman's body or a crime againsthis own estate

pp. 30

The later giants of jurisprudence......if the place where the act was alleged to be committed was where it was possible she might have been heard and she made no outcry, these and the like circumstances carry a strong but not conclusive presumption that her testimony is false or feigned

3. War

pp. 32

......rape becomes an unfortunate but inevitable by-product of the ncessary game called war. Women, by this reasoning, are simply regrettable victims--incidental, unavoidable casualities......

pp. 38

Rape is considered by the people of a defeated nation to be part of the enemy's conscious effort to destroy them.....rape by a conqueror is compelling evidence of the conquered's status of masculine impotence

pp. 40

A casual reader of history quickly learns that rape remains unmentionable, even in war. ......Not until World War I was documentation of rape in warfare ever again preserved so faithfully

pp. 49 rape is the quintessential act by which a male demonstrates to a female that she is conquered--vanquished--by his superior strength and power, it was perfectly logical within the framework of facism that rape would be employed by the German soldier as he strove to prove himself a worthy Superman.
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