Femininity 评价人数不足
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pp. 12

Yet the struggle to approach the feminine ideal, to match the femininity of other women, and especially to outdo them, is the chief competitive arena (surely it is the only sanctioned arena) in which the American woman is wholeheartedly encouraged to contend

pp. 17

Women in our society are forced daily to compete for male approval, enslaved by ludicrous beauty standards that we ourselves are conditioned to take seriously and to accept

pp. 23

Most of the gestures of etiquette and the rules of good manners were designed for a conventional disparity in size and strength


Breasts are a source of female pride and sexual identification but they are also a source of competition, confusion, insecurity and shame

pp. 51

Dieting is an act of choice confined to privileged people who have access to a surplus of good food. When there is not enough food to go around, emaciation is a sign of poverty, not of willpower or chic

pp. 56

Wasn't it high time, I argued to my mirror and my friends, to put up a fight against the unfair double standard that says some gray at the temples makes a man look wise but makes a woman look like she doesn't care about her appearance?
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