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He had devised his economic machinery so cunningly that its cogs and wheels meshed perfectly together. One could not temper with the parts without destroying the whole. Hamilton later said of this ingenious structure, "Credit is en entire thing. Every part of it has the nicest sympathy with every other part. Wound one limb and the whole tree shrinks and decays."

This falling-out was to be more than personal, for the rift between Hamilton and Madison precipitated the start of the two-party system in America. The funding debate shattered the short-lived political consensus that had unshered in the new government. For the next five years, the political spectrum in America was defined by whether people endorsed or opposed Alexander Hamilton's programs.

关于Cabinet Battle #1,其实写的并不是1970.2.8的正式debate(因为Jefferson或Madison这次都没上场),而是1790s的长期讨论了,于是得以简化,因为J/M目的之一就是要转移对slavery的关注,而把整个复杂的财税系统简化为南北对立。National Bank大概还在后面?

关于Cabinet Battle #3,一是#1里已经刺了Jefferson几句了,更重要的是A.H.这个时间事实上不得不对另一个南北对立的烫手山芋保持沉默,所以最后cut掉也是完全正确的。

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