Coco Chanel 7.8分
读书笔记 The Double C

For Chanel’s simple jersey jackets, straight skirts and unadorned sailor blouses looked more and more like the only appropriate fashion to be seen in amid the sombre anxieties of war. They were chic, but not showy; monochrome, in keeping with the mood of the times; clothes that could be worn to drive an ambulance or an army car, as relevant to women’s wartime work as to a seaside promenade. ‘Fashion should express the place, the moment,’ Chanel would later observe to Paul Morand, and even if her words were spoken with the benefit of hindsight, she had seized her moment just as old certainties seemed to be giving way. ‘I was witnessing the death of luxury, the passing of the nineteenth century, the end of an era.’

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