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Questions to help find evidence that does not support your hot thought
- Have I had any experiences that show that this thought is not completely true all the time>
- If my best friend or someone I loved had this thought, what would I tell them?
- If my best friend or someone who loves me knew I was thinking this thought, what would they say to me? What evidence would they point out to me that would suggest that my thoughts were not 100% true?
- When I am not feeling this way, do I think aobut this type of situation any differently? How?
- When I have felt this way in the past, what did I think about that helped me feel better?
- Have I been in this type of situation before? What happened? Is there anything different between this situation and previous ones? What Have I learned from prior experiences that could help me now?
- Are there any small things that contradict my thoughts that I might be discounting as not important?
- Five years from now, if I look back at this situation, will I look at it any differently? Will I focus on any different part of my experience?
- Are there any strengths or positives in me or the situation that I am ignoring?
- Am I jumping to any conclusions in columns 3 and 4 that are not completely justified by the evidence?
- Am I blaming myself for something over which I do not have complete control?
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Questions to help Arrive at alternative or balanced thinking
- Based on the evdience I have listed in columns 4 and 5 of the Thought REcord, is there an alternative way of thinking about or understanding this situation?
- Write one sentence that summarizes all the evidence that supports my hot thought and all the evidence that does not support my hot thought. Does combining the two summary statements with the word "and" create a balanced thought that takes into account all the information I have gathered?
- If someone I cared about was in this situation, had these thoughts, and had this information available, what would be my advice to them? How would I suggest that they understand the situation?
- If my hot thought is true, what is the worst outcome? If my hot thought is true, what is the best outcome? the most realistic outcome?
- Can someone I trust think of any other way of understanding this situation?
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