The Moon and Sixpence 9.1分
读书笔记 Chapter 2
Youth has turned to gods we of an earlier day knew not, and it is possible to see already the direction in which those who come after us will move. The younger generation, conscious of strength and tumultuous, have done with knocking at the door; they have burst in and seated themselves in our seats. The air is noisy with their shouts. Of their elders some, by imitating the antics of youth, strive to persuade themselves that their day is not yet over; they shout with the lustiest, but the war cry sounds hollow in their mouth; they are like poor wantons attempting with pencil, paint and powder, with shrill gaiety to revocer the illusion of their spring. The wiser go their way with a decent grace. In their chastened smile is an indulgent mockery. They remember that they too trod down a sated gerneration, with just such clamor and iwth just such scorn, and they foresee that these brave torch-bearers will presently yield their place also. There is no lst word. The new evangel was old when Nineven reared her greatness to the sky. These gallant words which seem so novel to those that speak them were laid in accents scarcely changed a hundred times before. The pendulum wings backwards and forwards. The circle is ever travelled anew.

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