Assessing Cultural Anthropology 评价人数不足
读书笔记 A personal note to undergraduates

Deciding on a Reading Strategy

- To know a chapter’s argument and how it is constructed

- To assess a particular perspective

- The introduction leaves certain questions in students’ minds for them to explore in the chapters and which to judge the chapters by.

- Reading by paragraphs- paragraph by paragraph, not word by word

- 真的去区分中心句和论证细节。to focus first on comprehending an author’s argument.

- 读的慢并不助于理解。因为更容易沉浸在细节中而建立不起整体把握。

- Reconstructing the author’s argument- review after the first time

- Assessing the author’s argument- write down a few notes or mark a number of critical passages would be helpful.

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