Selected Letters of E. M. Forster, Volume Two 1921-1970 目前无人评价
读书笔记 The First War,1913-20
Masood 与福斯特,摄于1906年

175• To Syed Ross Masood 8 September 1917

If we both live through it, I am coming to you, so plant a little tree on my jagir(Urdu word:a grant of rent-free land).Alas, by the time I arrive it may be a big tree, and you and I, very old men, will sit in its shade. You will be a celebrated old man and I suppose rather a fat one. I shall be a thin bald old man extremly obscure, but we will sit together and your grandchildren shall wait on us.
Love to you, I needn't add. We'll pull off the meeting some day, but these years of absence are awful, awful, and we are both growing older. Try not to forget me. On the surface I've altered, but not deep down, and our love springs from deep down. How long have we known each other now? It must be 10 years.


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