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读书笔记 论仆人受苦大不过主人
The seven years in which the Messiah, son of David, is to come, iron beams will be brought and laid on his neck, until he is stooped, and he will scream and cry, and his voice will ascend on high. He will say to Him: Master of the universe, how long can my strength persist, how long my spirit, how long my soul, and how long my limbs? Am I not flesh and blood?
It was for that moment to come, the Holy One, blessed be he, will say to him: Ephraim, my righteous Messiah, you have already accepted upon yourself all the suffering from the six days of Creation. Now let your sorrow be as my sorrow. For, from the day wicked Nebuchadnezzar ascended and destroyed my house, and burned my habitation, and exiled my children among the nations, by your life and the life of my head, I have not sat in my throne.
At that moment the Messiah will say to him: Master of the universe, now I am content, it is enough for a servant to be like his master.
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