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读书笔记 TWELVE August and Respectable Assembly
It was predictable that when the wordy Hamilton broke silence, he would do so at epic length. Faced with a deadlock between large and small states, he decided to broach a more radical plan. On Monday morning, June 18, the thirty-two-year-old prodigy rose first on the convention floor and in the stifling, poorly ventilated room he spoke and spoke and spoke. Before the day was through, he had given a six-hour speech (no break for lunch) that was brilliant, courageous, and, in retrospect, completely daft.

"Goes and proposes his own form of government! His own plan for a new form of government! Talks for six hours! The convention is listless!"

Of all the founders, Hamilton probably had the gravest doubts about the wisdom of the masses and wanted elected leaders who would guide them. This was the great paradox of his career: his optimistic view of America's potential coexisted with an essencially pessimistic view of human nature. His faith in Americans never quite matched his faith in America itself.


The June 18 speech was to prove one of three flagrant errors in his career. In each case, he was brave, detailed, and forthright on a controversial subject, as if laboring under some compulsion to express his inmost thoughts. Each time, he was spectacularly wrongheaded and indiscreet, yet convinced he was right. Only one thing was certain: this verbose, headstrong, loose-tougued man made poor material for the conspirator conjured up by his enemies.

"Why do you always say what you believe? Why do you always say what you believe? Every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies!"

这是三个之一,另两个是Reynolds Pamphlet和……法革?(更正:应该是the Adams pamphlet: "Sit down, John, you fat motherf—!")

When a story appeared that delegates were colluding to bring the duke of York, George III's second son, from Britain to head an American monarchy, Hamilton traced this absurdity to a letter sent "to one James Reynolds of this city"—the first reference he ever made to the man whose wife would someday be his fatal enchantress.

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