Art of Being Human, The 9.7分
读书笔记 The Musical Stage / Dance
Many music historians have theorized that rhythm came first, as accompaniment to ritual of birth, coming of age, planting and harvest times, death, and burial. These ritual were an early form of dance.


In the 13th century an Islamic spiritual leader named Mevlana Rumi established a religious sect, the Mevlevi Order, whose memebers took part in a ritual still practiced today. Known as Whirling Dervishes, they turned ever faster and faster until they achieved a trance state, which, it was believed, liberated their soul from earthly bondage and allowed direct union with Allah.


Dance is an art form that readily invites empathy. when you unconsciously move your feet as you watch others dance, you become a participant. Watching dance awakens the sleeping spirit in us all, a spirit that longs to be free.


Freedom of movement may sound simple, but it takes years to achieve


One such choreographer was Jose Limon, who formulated a new esthetic rationale based on the dancer's relationship to gravity. Dancers first develop a sense of weight and methods for translating weight into energy. He aslo taught techniques of breathing so as to distribute the energy throughout the body.

编舞者Jose Limon, 发明了一个新的舞蹈审美理论,它基与舞者和重力的关系。舞者开始会发展出重量的感觉和将重量转化成能量的方法。他也教授将能量分布到全身的呼吸法。

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