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读书笔记 论口头律的地位
Once I was on a journey, and I came upon a man who went at me after the way of heretics.
Now he accepted the Written, but not the Oral Law.
He said to me: The Written Law was given us from Mount Sinai; the Oral Law was not given from Mount Sinai.
I said to him: But were not both the Written and the Oral Law spoken by the Omnipresent? Then what difference is there between the Written and the Oral Law? To what can this be compared?
To a king of flesh and blood who had two servants, and loved them both with a perfect love; and he gave them each a measure of wheat, and each a bundle of flax.
The wise servant, what did he do? He took the flax and spun a cloth; then he took the wheat and made flour. The flour he cleansed, and ground, and kneaded, and baked, and set on top of the table. Then he spread the cloth over it, and left it so until the king should come.
But the foolish servant did nothing at all.
After some days, the king returned from a journey and came into his house and said to them: My sons, bring me what I gave you.
One servant showed the wheaten bread on the table with a cloth spread over it, and the other servant showed the wheat still in the box with a bundle of flax upon it. Alas for his shame, alas for his disgrace!
Now, when the Holy One, blessed be he, gave the Torah to Israel, he gave it only in the form of wheat, for us to extract flour from it, and flax, to extract a garment.


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