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(All over again)

Suddenly I found myself noticing my own experience and taking account of my surroundings. There was a bend in the road and when I came round it an extraordinary spectacle was presented to me. About a hundred yards away was a house which astonished me. It looked as if it were painted like an advertisement on a board on the roadside and, indeed, very poorly painted. It looked completely false and unconvincing. It did not seem to have any depth or breadth and looked as if it would not deceive a child. That was not in itself sufficient to surprise me because I had seen pictures and notices by the roadside before. What bewildered me was the sure knowledge,deeply rooted in my mind,that this was the house I was searching for and that there were people inside it. I had never seen with my eyes ever in my life before anything so unnatural and appaling and my gaze faltered about the thing uncomprehendingly as if at least one of the customary dimensions were missing, leaving no meaning in the remainder.The appearance of the house was the greatest surprise I had encountered ever, and I felt afraid of it.

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