Handle with Care 8.2分
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If it was acceptable to want to terminate a fetus that had Down or Ol, what about when medical advances made it possible to see your child's potential beauty, or her level of compassion? What about parents who wanted only a boy and learned they had conceived a girl? Whowould be allowed to set the bars for access, and for rejection? As much as it pained me to admit it, Lou St. Pierrewas right. People were always saying they’d love any baby that came along, but that wasn't necessarily true. Sometimes, it really did come down to the particular child in question. There had to be a reason why blond haired, blue-eyed babies got plucked out of adoption agencies like ripe peaches but children of color and children with disabilities might linger in foster homes for years. What people said they would do and what people actually did were two very different things.

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