Japanese for Sinologists 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Introduction
This textbook is aimed at students and independent learners who have already taken two years of university-level Japanese-language classes, or its equivalent. As a rule, in those two years most of the basics of modern Japanese grammar will have been introduced. There is, of course, much more that can be learned, but at this point the serious student of things Chinese is champing at the bit to start reading material about China. Many believe that they can jump in with less preparation in Japanese, but that would be both presumptuous and premature, if not altogether delusional. Students with a high level of Chinese-language training, especially native speakers, will be especially tempted to take this rash leap, on the mistaken assumption that Japanese is really only Chinese with occasional squiggles thrown in between the more important “Chinese” characters. Such disdain for a foreign language has no place in the scholarly world, and the advanced knowledge of Chinese really only starts to help in a major way after the third or fourth year of study. Important note: This textbook is aimed at students of Chinese history and culture who have completed two years of university-level Japanese or its equivalent. It is not for those who are just beginning their study of Japanese.
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