In Search of Cultural History (P.M.Deneke Lectures) 目前无人评价
The Hegelian creed was formulated in the introduction of 1843 of a history of art by the now largely forgotten German art historian Carl Schnaase:(60)
Art, too, belongs to the necessary expressions of mankind; indeed one may say that the genius of mankind expresses itself more completely and more characteristically in art than in religion.(p.83)
It is true that the keen eye of the beholder will also penetrate deep into the nature of a nation when examining its political life or its scientific achievement, but the most subtle and most characteristic features of a people's sould can only e recognized in its artistic creations.(p.86)
Thus the art of every period is both the most complete and the most reliable expression of the national spirit in question, it is something like a hieroglyph... in which the secret of the nation declares itself, condensed, it is true, dark at first sight, but completely and unambiguously to those who can read these signs... thus a continuous history of art provides the spectable of the progressive evolution of the human spirit...(p.87)

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